Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Zipper Pouches and Wristlets

$ 8.00
(From top to bottom, Left to Right
Apple pear, Amy butler temple garden,
Heather Bailey Sway in Peach, Michael Miller dandy Damask in Chocolate Brown)
I have wanted to make these cute zipper pouches for awhile and finally sat down during this long Labor Day Weekend and Labored!! I made a few of these for my Etsy shop

These zipper pouches are lined with coordinating fabric and they also have a thick interfacing between the layers. They are approx. 5.5" by 5.5"
Ideas for these pouches

* put a gift card in them and give to your favorite teacher, friend, or relative
* Put your Ipod and earbuds in it to keep it safe from the rest of the things in your purse
* Put your spare change in it
* Put your makeup in it
* Give it your your daughter to keep personal things in it in their backpack

I am also making wristlets. I have two types. This first one has a strap that is sewn on completely. It is $12.00.

The second one has a swivel Lobster clasps that is attached to the Zipper. This allows you to unclasp it and attach it to whatever you want. You can put it through your belt loops and have it hang down. This is a great way to carry your money, cell phone etc. and be hands free.

These are $15.00

This fabric is brown corduroy lined with a pretty green.

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I want some burp rags. How do get soem. Please e-mail me