Thursday, October 16, 2008

Toile & Damask Notecards

Damask Notecards with your Monogram
Toile Notecards with your name

These are fold over notecards made with thick white cardstock (finished size 5.5 x 4). They come in sets of 10 and include white envelopes. You can choose what name you want and the font.



kc_cooker said...

I love these notecards... very cool idea!

Lindsay said...

LOVE THESE! I just got some from Jen as a thank you for the blog template and I just LOVE them!!!!
I am so excited I want to write someone immediatly!

Carey said...

They are very pretty.

4andcounting said...

love these. makes me want to write to people more often.

I'm Toni. said...

Beautiful notecards!

Beckaboo said...


Dana said...

How would one get their paws on some of these??

Dana :)

Celina said...

Very classy!!

Savvy Momma

Allicia said...

These are so very pretty! I love mine. Jen sent me some for my birthday and I can't wait to use them. Thanks, Jen! Allicia

Ericka said...

This is a GREAT idea for all the teachers in my life. How do I pick designs?????
Thank you!!
Ericka from Illinois

The Planning Diva said...

Love the cards and love toile! I, too, am a GRITS girl (from Arkansas)! Check out my blog: http://theplanningdiva.blogspot. I just posted yesterday about some really cute toile and damask aprons and said that they would be great gifts for a true GRIT.

Found your blog while searching for "toile notecards".