Saturday, February 09, 2008

Bag/Luggage Tags

Laminated Bag Tags are great for back packs, camera bags, luggage, lunch boxes and diaper bags. There are so many graphics and borders and fonts to choose from. I have just shown a few. You can let me know what your child is interested and we can come up with a unique design. These are also great to put on top of the gift for the gift tag. Don't forget about stocking stuffers!!!! The Tags are two sided. One side has just the name (first and/or last) and the other side has the same thing but with the address, phone number or email. You can personalize it how ever you want.

Bag /Luggage tags $7.00


Heffalump said...

Those are cute luggage tags. I hope the phone numbers and addresses aren't attached to real people though!

Distybug said...

Can you contact me about getting some name cards for my son? Thanks.